India !

Kala Ramesh

Into the Future

the leaves
never tire of dancing
- spring breeze

The soothsayer with his parrot prepares his show outside the mall. People throng around him ... curious children, mothers with huge shopping bags. He meticulously takes out the tiny books and lines them in front . . . pats his parrot as she peeps out of her cage; gives her a red chilly telling her to do a good job. He smiles at the passers by . . .

Sunday special:
the paper boys fresh
with new stories

A lucky day indeed, for by noon around 13 people have had their future forecast. All of them return with a smile. He has learnt to tell only good things. There was a time when he used to tell the truth, but people frowned and word passed around fast that that soothsayer outside the mall had a foul mouth and his parrot a nasty mind! He likes being truthful, but he loves money more, so he starts to sing a different tune . . . a tune that people love.

talk of kismet . . .
eyes on the client's
bulging wallet